Conscious Drawing

slide1Conscious drawing is a drawing methodology which is about embracing your inner artist and exploring your creative abilities. Its about learning to draw and improve your drawing skills in a mindful and conscious way.

As a designer, artist and teacher, I had a desire to share my creative experience and insights with others in a constructive and helpful way. I started out creating a typical drawing course, with the typical topics that have been taught for decades, in a million different ways, but something didn’t feel right… When I really started to feel into what helped me the most over the years, and what my past students had expressed what their concerns were about learning to draw, I realised how much my relationship with drawing is continually changing and how it often reflects the relationship I have with myself.  The more I develop confidence in my creative abilities, and the more I connect with my creativity on a daily basis, the more grounded, happy and ‘in my flow’ I become.

I created Conscious Drawing as a way to help others unlock that part of themselves that craves creativity and self expression. I want to help others to break down the barriers of fear we have around drawing and creativity, and help you to start feeling into your individual, unique and ‘perfect, wherever you are and whatever you create’ way of being.

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This course is unlike any other drawing course and will help you to explore your creative potential, while learning some awesome and super easy drawing techniques along the way!

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